We have been in the galvanized silos market since 1971.

Since then we have been making a significant contribution to the development of Greek agriculture and stockbreeding. As a result of developing and putting into practice a sound strategy, we now have an excellent reputation as a company. Our products are famous for their high quality.
Paying attention to the European Union, we continue to develop the same basic stragety as we move forward.

The main trust of our strategy is customer-centered.

Consequently, we have developed our systems in flexible and adaptable way. Reliability, quality, fast delivery and support are the main characteristics of our company.


All of our products are manufactured on site on our own factory 1st km Schimatari – Chalkida, where we also provide special services.

KAM – George Xouris Ltd.
1st km Schimatari – Chalkida
P.C. 32009
Phone: +30 22620 59432
Fax: +30 22620 59372
E-mail: kam@kam.gr